Thursday, 21 November 2013

For Franchisee
is an innovative dot com plateform which will promotes multiple products under 
one roof, it is low cost no frill win - win concept , Promoted by has physical existance like any other road 
side vendor [ like an normal un hygenic Golgapppa wala ] 
will not serve only golgapppa but also provides various 
B2B and B2C
services free of cost to visitors, like Jobs, Car Taxi, Free registration for 
matrimonial website and many more.

Plan to execute business idea : 

A hygenic golgapppa wala will deliver yummy golgapppa with purified water with 
competitive price [ same as UnHygenic vendor] but also free B2B services like 
Jobs, Car Taxi, registration for matrimonial website. So its a very much low cost, 
no frill and recession proof concept which do Umbrella Branding.
Our team will conduct draws every week and winners have prizes and
photos on the Golgapppa blogs.

We are planning to expand this business very soon all over India in first phase 
and Globally in second phase by giving franchisee.

How team is best fit for executing that business idea : is 
run by team of highly qualified proffesonals. 

About Team : CEO, Capt Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot ], HR Manager Er Reema Chordiya
[ BE (CS) MBA (HR)] Manager Operations : Er Anubha Barod [ B.E. MBA [ E Comm] 
Manager Marketing : Ankita Mishra [ B Sc (CS) MBA (Mktg)], Er Yashi Shrivastava 
[ BE Food Tech ] 

Advantages, It have over its competitors:
Probably First kiosk in the world having 
> Golgapppa kiosk in the most hygenic fashion.
> Having an exclusive website and many blogs
> Run by team of highly qualified professionals
> Have many B2B and B2C businesses which are running together
> Do Umbrella Branding
> Powered by many B2B portals like Altavista,, Bing, and others
> Have povision for Trademark and ISO certification.
> Strategic Alliance with some Purified water company [ viz Bislery, Kinsey ] 

Barriers of entry in that idea:
Entry barriers are basically in the mindset of the people. 
There is common misconception is that Hygenic food is expensive
A Golgappa wala cant sale anything else rather than a normal Golgappa
This perception can be changed with large scale Branding, Promotions and 
organised work.

Industry : Energy & eco-friendly solution

Business Idea An eco-friendly restaurant that seeks to minimise the Carbon Footprints of the Restaurant and consumers by undertaking various measures.

Plan to execute business idea: Environmental concerns have been integrated into all the aspects of this proposed restaurant. For instance, the idea of open air restaurant is to provide consumers a place to sit, relax and enjoy healthy organic food in a scenic, natural setting. Besides, this helps in cutting down a significant amount of air pollution. Our basic plan for execution is to identify the potential suppliers of organic produce and also looking into the option of Contract Farming. This is because our plan requires constant, stable and reliable sourcing of raw materials.

How team is best fit for executing that business idea: I have a strong network of friends and team members who have a good amount of experience in the area of logistics. Since this business idea demands a much organised raw material supply , our team will prove efficient in this regard.

About Team : I am an MBA graduate in International Marketing from Wales University and also an IT engineer. My experience in running a retail store (SPAR) in Scotland has provided me with gainful insights to organise and implement business plans successfully.

Barriers of entry in that idea: Entry barriers are basically in the mindset of the people. There is common misconception that Organic produce is unviable and unprofitable. This perception can be changed with large scale production and organised work.

Advantages, It have over its competitors: A unique idea that combines both: a tasty treat to the taste buds and a visual treat to the eyes

How that Product / service will change market Solution because:

After eating golgappa at people can think beyond.

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